WHO WE ARE                                        

LGI Consulting and its affiliated entity, LGI Capital, is a consulting, financial advisory and investment banking firm that provides high level strategic, financial, and transition planning and execution services to emerging and middle market companies. Our basic goal is to provide clients with optimal solutions to major strategic business and financial questions and to help assure our client's success in accomplishing their major business and financial objectives. Don Luken, the principal of LGI, and his affiliated partners set themselves apart, both with their extensive experience and success advising entrepreneurs, and with their creative strategies employed in helping companies reach their goals. Most of LGI’s ongoing clients have become highly successful players in their market niche with reputations of being the best, or one of the best, companies in their industry.

We specialize in helping clients:

  1. Formulate and execute long term growth strategies.
  2. Analyze and make strategic decisions
  3. Prepare an integrated strategic and financial plan for the business
  4. Design an exit strategy, evaluate liquidity alternatives.
  5. Prepare for, and accomplish a purchase, sale, merger, or recapitalization transaction.
  6. Assist in setting action plans to respond to threats and ameliorate risk.
  7. Structure appropriate financings and assist in procuring additional capital.
  8. Evaluate acquisition opportunities

LGI brings to each client a talented group of professionals, whose varied backgrounds and technical capabilities bring the highest competency levels to business problem solving. Each of our associates has over 25 years of experience advising clients in the services offered by our firm.


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