Financial Advisory, Acting CFO, and Growth Capital Assistance

Don Luken and his associates have extensive experience providing strategic and financial management assistance to small and mid-sized companies. Many companies do not have the management resources to develop an integrated company blueprint for their growth and eventual exit. Nor do they have experience in the capital markets or in the procurement of capital. LGI will provide assistance in formulating overall business strategies and plans, analyzing cash flows and cash requirements, preparing budgets, planning for required capital expenditures, and determining future financing requirements. We will assist in developing detailed plans for achieving strategic and financial goals. We will assess risks associated with growth strategies and help the companies manage the risks. We will assist in identifying the appropriate sources for growth capital and work with the company and their professionals to structure and close the most advantageous financing.

We assist emerging companies in becoming leading participants in their markets.  We accomplish this goal by bringing the strategic thinking, broad management committee consulting experience, and financial acumen of the LGI team together with the functional capabilities of management.  

Because of the close interactive nature of our approach, our experienced professionals often see and identify additional existing or potential problems which, many times, are of great importance to the client. We will raise these issues and assist management, where necessary, in addressing them. We follow through after the development of plans and will continue in an active role, if required, to assure successful implementation of a plan.

Evaluating Liquidity Alternatives; Setting and Implementing an Exit Strategy

LGI helps companies prepare and position themselves for a possible transition, merger or sale. LGI would assist the owners in examining all of the issues related to an eventual transition, including personal goals and objectives. We help evaluate alternatives for liquidity, the sale process, appropriate potential purchasers, valuation issues, deal structures, and terms of a transaction. We would help the business owner select the best and most appropriate investment banker or broker to handle a sale transaction.

Acquisition Planning and Execution

Similarly, LGI’s principals have a long history of helping management evaluate acquisition, joint venture, or merger opportunities. LGI’s services include assistance in assessing risks associated with the transaction, valuing the candidate, determining capital and financing needs, and then providing assistance with identifying appropriate financing sources and structuring, pricing, and closing a transaction.


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