When introduced to a company, we first seek to insure owners and management have a clear vision for their business. We help the business owner solidify their ownership, growth, and liquidity objectives. We then assist the company in developing strategic initiatives to accomplish their goals and objectives. When needed, we work side by side with management on an ongoing basis to help in creating and implementing the strategies that bring a high probability of success in accomplishing the entrepreneur's objectives.  Once familiar with a company, our role often evolves to that of Acting CFO of the company. The time commitment is on an as needed basis and as mutually agreed.

We do not do interviews and research only to prepare a massive report that may be unimplemented.


LGI works on retainer, the terms of which are agreed upon on a per client basis. Initial engagements usually take from 2 to 3 months, although, a long-term subsequent involvement is often the norm. All consulting arrangements can be cancelled at any time.


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